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Touch markers have been produced in 204 colors by Shinhan Factory of South Korea for modeling and coloring architectural and urban planning drawing and other cases with a long durability and unique quality. This marker is not dried if it is not used even for 10 years. These markers have two head one wide and one round and by using zero color you can make increase your desirable colors to more than 1000 colors.
ShinHan Art’s TOUCH Twin Marker are now available in 36 additional new colors for a total of 204 brilliant colors ideal for a diverse range of uses, from animation, illustration, architectural renderings, and interior design sketches. With a unique fine point nib on one side and a broad chisel nib on the other, the TOUCH Twin Marker offers artists and designers a greater range of line thicknesses than ever before. The delivery of ink flow can be perfectly controlled to allow precision drawing.
Artists 12 Artists 24
Artists12 Artists 24
Brush Brush
Brush Brush
Silver & Gold powder jar 30 ML Aritists’ poster color white & black
Water 24 Water 36
Premium artists’ water color 24 set Premium artists’ water color 32 set
Soft 12 Soft 24
Soft pastel 12 set (large) Soft pastel 24 set (large)
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